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Import of equipment

According to Law on Electronic communications it is not allowed to place on the market user equipment that does not comply with the essential requirements and bears the CE mark as confirmation.

The law further states that possession of transmitting apparatus for wireless communications, it´s installation or use is subject to the authorisation of the Post and Telecom Administration.

Telecommunication equipment meets all conditions for placing on the market if it conforms with the requirements of the R&TTE Directive of the  European Community no. 99/5/EC that is also valid in the European Economic Area. Manufacturers of radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment carry the responsibility of conformity and in confirmation they shall place the CE mark on the equipment. In the documentation for the equipment it  shall be clearly stated that the CE mark is in confirmation of full compliance with the R&TTE Directive. Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment without the CE mark is illegal in Iceland.

The rules above apply to transmitting equipment for all radio communications but additional rules may apply to the marking of equipment depending on the type as follows:

a)Transmitters that employ coordinated frequency bands for which it is not necessary to apply for a permission to own and use the equipment, e.g. GSM and NMT mobile telephones, CB radios, remote controls etc. The equipment must carry the CE mark but no further requirement is made.

b)Transmitters that use other coordinated frequency bands such as radio transceivers, broadcast  transmitters fixed links etc. shall in addition to the CE mark carry either directly or in the documentation a warning mark. The intention with this mark is to draw the attention of the buyer to the possibility that there may be limitations on it´s utilisation, e.g. that it may be necessary to apply for a frequency assigment and/or a special authorisation to make use of the equipment. From the documentation it shall be possible to see if the equipment is intended for use in Iceland.

Manufacturers of telecommunication equipment or their representatives residing in the European Economic Area have full responsibility for the described markings in confirmation that the requirements of the R&TTE Directive are complied with. If that is not the case the responsibility moves to the entity that markets the equipment in Iceland.

Notification under Article 6.4 of Directive 99/05/EC

Detailed information about the R&TTE Directive

Communications equipment in ships and aircraft, for air traffic control and equipment that is used by radioamateurs in accordance with rules that apply to them is not subject to the provisions of the R&TTE Directive.