Hoppa yfir valmynd

Frequency planning

The radio spectrum is international and reasonable use of it calls for a close cooperation between all states of the world. Such a cooperation takes place within the International Telecommunications Union. Special World Radio Conferences, WRCs, define and allocate frequency ranges to various services such as sound and television broadcasting, mobile telephony, satellite communications and radio amateur communications. This division of the frequency spectrum and the rules that apply may be found in the ITU Radio Regulations.

Each state has a certain latitude to plan the use of the spectrum within the framework of the Radio Regulations. In Europe state cooperation in this field has increased fast in the last years with Iceland an active participant. The National Table of Frequency Allocation for the range 9 kHz to 400 GHz can be found in the following:

0 - 27,5 KHz


27,5 - 10.000 MHz
 10 - 400 GHz



 For more detailed information contact Hordur R. Hardarson

The website www.efis.dk contains information about the use of the frequency spectrum in several European countries including Iceland. Documents that apply in each instance, recommendations, decisions and regulations, have  been linked together and it is possible to access the appropriate document directly.