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EU Harmonised service of social value numbers

The European Commission has reserved five short numbers with a single format 116 + 3 digits for helplines that should be accessible to everyone in Europe. Iceland implemented the "harmonised services of social value"  , through the EEA agreement in 2008.

EU rules on 116

116 000 - Missing children

The 116000 number is the European helpline to report missing children. The hotline offers guidance and support to parents or relatives of a missing child and can back the efforts of the authorities during investigations.

Not allocated

116 006 - Victims of crime

The 116 006 helpline for victims of crime gives people emotional support, informs them of their rights and how to use them, while also referring victims to the relevant organisations.

The helpline provides information about:

  • local police,
  • criminal justice proceedings,
  • possibilities for compensation,
  • insurance.

Not allocated

116 111 - Child helplines

The number 116 111 is specifically for children who seek assistance and need someone to talk to. The service helps children in need of care and protection and links them to the appropriate services and resources; it provides children with an opportunity to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them.

Not allocated

116 117 - Non-emergency medical Assistance

The non-emergency medical service - 116117 directs callers to medical assistance when the need is not life-threatening (in cases of emergency, call 112).

The 116117 number connects the caller to a qualified medical practitioner who can provide on-call medical assistance or advice. This is especially useful outside normal office hours, during the weekend or public holidays.

Not allocated

116 123 - Emotional support helpline

116 123 is a phone number for people suffering from loneliness or who are in a state of psychological crisis or thinking about committing suicide.

Has been allocated to the Icelandic Red Cross. Not in service


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