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The legal framework for electronic communications services is influenced by Directives of the European Union. Having signed the Agreement on the European Economic Area Iceland has made a commitment to adopt all of the Directives of EU in the fields of electronic communications services. The Electronic Communications Act and the Act on the ECOI, implement the major provisions of the EU Communications Directive package of 2002.  The Act contains a number of provisions either mandating or authorising the Minister of Transport and Communications to issue regulations to complement the Acts. In some cases the EICO is either mandated or authorized to issue rules about the implementation of certain aspects of the Acts.

A list of Acts, regulations and rules in force follows with the appropriate web links. No responsibility is assumed for the accuracy of English texts after translation as they are unofficial. Legal authenticity remains with the original Icelandic versions.

Electronic Communications Office of Iceland (ECOI)

  • Act no. 75/2021 on Electronic Communications Office of Iceland (ECOI)

The Post and Telecom Administration

Rulings Committee

Electronic Communications in general


Numbers and frequencies


  • R&TTE Directive 1999/5EC - rules for the placing on the market and putting into service of Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

Marine equipment