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Rulings Committee

Decisions of the ECOI may be referred to the Rulings Committee for Electronic Communications and Postal Affairs. A party that has a significant interest to protect can submit a complaint about either procedural matters or the substance of the decision. Complaints must reach the committee within 4 weeks of the date when the party was aware of the decision. Rulings of the committee constitute the final stage at administrative level. The procedures of the committee are determined by the Regulation concerning the Rulings Committee for Telecommunications and Posts, no. 378/1999.

The Minister of the Interior appoints the three members of the Appellate Committee and three suppleants, all of them following the nomination by the Supreme Court. The chairman and vice chairman must comply with the competence qualifications applying to Supreme Court judges. The members of the committee are appointed for a period of 4 years.

Complaints to the Rulings Committee may be sent to:

Þórður Bogason hrl. 
Attorneys at Hofdabakki
Hofdabakki 9, 6th Floor
110 Reykjavik