Hoppa yfir valmynd

Register of operators

The PTA issues authorisations to operate postal services in accordance with Art. 12 of the Postal Services Act no. 19/2002. Authorisations are of two types, general  authorisations  and operating licenses. Postal services are services that cover receiving and collecting, sorting, transport and delivery of postal items against payment.
General authorisation
General authorisation comprises the right to operate postal services other than services counted as universal services according to Art. 6 of Act no. 19/2002. Entities that intend to operate postal services according to a general authorisation shall announce their intentions to the Post and Telecom Administration no later than four weeks before the opening of the service.

Notification of operation of postal services
List of postal service undertakings with a general authorisation
Operating license
Postal operators that intend to provide universal service  according to Art. 6 of Act onno. 19/2002 have to apply for an operating license to the Post and Telecom Administration, see Art. 14 of the Postal Services Act no. 19/2002. When issuing a license the Administration is authorised to etablish obligations about universal service provision in the whole of Iceland or limited parts of the service in nominated areas. 

Register of postal service operators with operating licenses