Hoppa yfir valmynd

Managing Director of the Post and Telecom Administration is Hrafnkell V. Gíslason

Management Board consists of the Managing Director and heads of divisions

Administration is responsible for the PTA´s daily operations, human resources, funding, finance and bookkeeping along with public relations and reception.

Two specialist Teams operate within PTA; CERT-IS and a market analysis team

The Analytical Division is responsible for market analysis and for imposition and surveillance of obligations subsequent to market analysis.  The Division handles general economic analysis in the field dealt with by the PTA, provides information on pricing and statistics and is responsible for their processing and publication.

The Legal Division is responsible for handling administrative communications, settling disputes, the imposition and surveillance of obligations that are not financial in nature, universal service and consumer issues. The Division also handles international cooperation.
The Technical Division handles organisation and management of frequency matters and surveillance of use of frequencies. The Division conducts market surveillance of electronic communications devices, handles network and information security and is responsible for inspection and surveillance of radio equipment on ships.   The Technical Division also provides other departments with consultancy on technical issues that may affect the Administration's surveillance role on the competitive market.

The CERT-IS team operates within the Technical Division.