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Issuance of frequency authorisations for GSM 1800 mobile phone network

Issuance of frequency authorisations for GSM 1800 mobile phone network

February 9th 2007

With authority based in Article 9, cf. Article 11 of the Electronic Communications Act, no 81/2003, the Post and Telecom Administration (PTA) will grant frequency authorisations for the operation of two new mobile telephone networks in accordance with recognised GSM standards, following an advertisement and a selection from among applicants that will be chosen based on the terms specified below. A maximum of two tenderers will receive frequency allocations.

Each frequency authorisation shall apply to the entire country and shall include one of the following frequency ranges, each of which is 2 x 7.4 MHz, a total of 14.8 MHz.

1) 1751.1-1758.5 MHz / 1846.1-1853.5 MHz

2) 1758.7-1766.1 MHz / 1853.7-1861.1 MHz

Further information and conditions can be found in the tender description – see below.

Below is a link to an Excel document that calculates the points of an application as a function of population coverage and build-up speed.

The application deadline is 11:00 a.m., Tuesday 3 April 2007. Applications shall be submitted to the reception of the Post and Telecom Administration, Sudurlandsbraut 4, Reykjavík, both on paper and in electronic form.

Tenders will be opened in the presence of representatives of those applicants, who wish to attend. The names of applicants will be read out along with the Letter of Tender and point calculations as shown in Annex 1 in the Tender description.

Tender description (PDF)

Calculation of points (Excel document)

Further information will be given by Mr. Hrafnkell V. Gíslason, managing director of the Post- and Telecom Administration, tel. +354 5101500,
e-mail: hrafnkell@pfs.is

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