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New market data confirm the Nordic regions’ strength in electronic communications

New market data confirm the Nordic regions’ strength in electronic communications

July 4th 2012

The five Nordic countries have an impressive track record in broadband penetration, mobile development and competitive telecom markets. The annual telecommunications market data from 2011, that is published today, confirm further positive developments.

The broadband penetration in the five Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, has historically been well above the EU average. New market data for the Nordic countries show a fixed broadband household penetration of between 80 and 92 per cent, compared to an EU average of 67 per cent.

The Nordics have also seen a fast development of the mobile broadband penetration. The five countries have between 37 and 13 mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, compared to an EU average of 8 subscriptions.

The European Commissions’ Digital Agenda Scoreboard also shows that the Nordic countries are advanced users of the Internet and above EU average when comparing the share of the population who orders goods or services online. Between nine and four per cent of the population in the five countries have never used the internet, compared to 24 as an average in the EU.

”The market statistics published today proves that the Nordic countries have a competitive business environment and strong end-user demand for electronic communications services. With, for example, broadband penetration rates well above the EU average, the Nordic countries can be seen as spearheads in the further implementation of the broadband targets in the Digital Agenda for Europe. All five countries are strongly committed to continue taking leader positions when the EU is pushing forward”, the five Nordic Director-Generals declared.

The market data published today is collected, gathered and validated by the Nordic working group on statistics and definitions – Nordstat. The group gathers representatives from regulators in the five Nordic countries.

See the data report:
Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries (PDF)


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