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Future usage of the NMT-450 spectrum

Future usage of the NMT-450 spectrum

October 26th 2005

The Post and Telecom Administration (PTA) is today publishing on its web page a document intended for a public consultation by market players and others that are interested in the future usage of the NMT-450 MHz spectrum in Iceland.

The NMT system, as it is regularly called, has served a very important role by providing service and security for fishermen and others that are travelling outside the coverage areas of the GSM systems. It has now been decided that the operation of the NMT system will be closed down in 2-3 years time. It is therefore necessary to  draw attention to its replacement.

The PTA wants this decision to be made in the spirit of the Telecom Policy Statement 2005-2010 that calls for a new long-range digital mobile phone system.

A public input and opinions on issues such as; on the necessary numbers of service providers using the spectrum, methodology in regards to the build up of the mobile network, wholesale access, services, requirements on coverage, speed of the network build up, charges for spectrum usage, market influence on other telecom systems such as the 3rd generation mobile system, are among the questions that needs to be answered .

Everyone is entitled to send in their opinions but strong emphasis is put on the value of answers from the registered telecom operators and other interested market players.
The PTA will evaluate all inputs and thereafter put forward its recommendations on the usage of the spectrum, if a public auction is of a value in the process or if a public service contract might be more favourable solution. These options and others will be evaluated.  
For further information please contact Mr. Hrafnkell V. Gislason, Director of the Post and Telecom Administration.


Document for discussion (PDF)

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