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Nordic regulators support more focused regulation

Nordic regulators support more focused regulation

August 27th 2015

The Nordic regulators for electronic communications have prepared a common position on the Digital Single Market Strategy, which the European Commission published in May this year and is currently actively consulting on it.

The regulators see that a precondition for the Digital Single Market is the provision of secure and resilient connectivity. It is necessary to secure access to broadband services capable of supporting minimum services and needs of the household and business users in both urban and rural areas.

The current framework for sector-specific competition regulation is challenged. Where and in which form it might be needed in the future and where competition legislation and control would suffice needs to be assessed. The transition to NGA networks and the increased use of services over the internet changes the market for electronic communication. As more and more traffic is made up of data, the need to maintain the traditional regulation on voice termination rates is becoming less relevant. The need for regulation continues in the fixed access networks.

To promote innovation and new solutions in the European digital economy, the regulatory burden should be reduced where possible. This is relevant for the assessment of whether to extend the sector-specific regulation to new type of content and applications provision services or to roll back the current sector-specific regulation from the traditional telecom services. The general consumer protection legislation and supervision should be applied to as large extent as possible. Sector-specific consumer protection provisions should be maintained only when absolutely necessary.

The discussion on the Commission's strategy continues and the Nordic regulators will play an active role in their European co-operation organisation BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications).

Document: The Nordic regulators common position on the DSM (pdf in english).

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